Travel, ours, Packages for worldwide destinations including Umrah, Haj and Ziarat may be our profession but we are practicing this profession with a definite ideology and dedication.

We are very conscious about the state of travel and tourism industry in Pakistan. The out bound traffic is fairly organized but the inward traffic is in absolute shambles. It is our vision and aim to inculcate the culture of tourism within our country and in our people. This culture has to become a part and parcel of not only the people associated with the travel and tourism business but it has to seep into all and sundry be it a taxi driver or person on the street showing the way to a tourist or a shopkeeper or a waiter in any and all hotel and restaurants or custom official or immigration officers.  

We are then aiming and visualising a day when the whole of our Nation will be geared to and equipped with the culture of tourism to welcome the tourists and present them with our wealth of history, culture, tradition, cuisine delight, ancient archeological sites steeped into history, the cradles of many religions of the world.

Our vision and aim also include promotion of reverence, humility and respect for the beliefs of the followers of other religion by providing services in consonance with their belief and level of comfort desired by them.

At this stage of our adolescence the day seems to be far but it will be our endeavour to keep the targets of our vision and aim at all given time and persevere in our effort in an unflinching manner.     .